OUTLINE | 2014

Festival of Electronic Music and Urban Culture
Moscow,  Mnevnikovskaya Floodplain. July, 2014

OUTLINE Festival was Arma 17‘s project and one of the biggest Russian festivals, dedicated to electronic music, contemporary art, urbanism and eco-conciousness. Different locations we used for every event — usually it were industrial sites redesigned according to the conception of recycle, green philosophy and art.

Freak Fabrique were responsible for Woodz Stage, which, in fact, was more than just a stage. It was a separate organism, a beautiful green city within the festival, tucked away in the urban jungles. This was the very first OUTLINE festival and the first incarnation of later famous Woodz, that, in a way, defined the whole aesthetics and ideology of the prospective festival.

We had a plot of forest and the river bank to equip. The task were: constructing a stage, a dj-place, a pier, sitting tribunes in the ravine, fence, tree houses, an entrance arch, soundproof walls, the WC zone and tons of other functional and decorating elements (light, benches, stairs, paths, etc).

For all the constructions we used just natural, old and recycled materials.
Construction period: from the end of May till the beginning of July. 

Entrance: recycled wood, branches

First of all we’d marked the boundaries of the territory. Then defined a spot for the dance floor. Next was finding bars’ locations, considering people’s logistic. The dancefloor is made out of recycled wood and a welded frame.

DJ place, backstage

Line up: Move D, Sonja Moonear, Robag Wruhme, Ivan Smagghe, Konrad Black, San Proper, Bill Patrick, Piticu, Ricardo Villalobos, Hipushit, and many more.

For soundproofing we used jute sandbags which were located behind a DJ, so that sound did not reach the nearby houses — and the river carries sound out instantly.

Bar 1: mesh, used wood, old window frames

OUTLINE | 2014

Bar 2: mesh, used wood, old window frames, bottles

OUTLINE | 2014

Bar 3: used wood, barrels, vinyl roof

The challenge was the ravine that needed to be domesticated. We decided to make a river-view tribune out of pallets. Also we planted plants on the perimeter of the ravine, so that they would twine about, giving the place even greater picturesqueness in summer.

Mapping on doors

The nest, made out of branches, was a river-view chill out zone.


One of the accents and charms of the first Woodz was its tieredness — it resembled a small town on the hills. There were several levels and descents to the river.

We decided to build a small pier, and moored several boats there. Swings and seats completed the pastoral picture. Old used boats, recycled wood.

Tree houses at the dance floor: recycled woods

Fence, made of branches

Seating spots

OUTLINE | 2014

OUTLINE | 2014

OUTLINE | 2014

Chill-out zones

Jagermeister. The sponsor’s presence.

Total green

OUTLINE | 2014