OUTLINE | 2015

Festival of Electronic Music and New Urban Culture
Karacharovsky Mechanical Factory, Moscow
June 5-6, 2015

OUTLINE Festival was Arma 17‘s project and one of the biggest Russian festivals, dedicated to electronic music, contemporary art, urbanism and eco-conciousness. Different locations we used for every event — usually it were industrial sites redesigned according to the conception of recycle, green philosophy and art.

During Outline 2015 at Karacharovsky Mechanical Factory, Freak Fabrique were responsible for 2 strategic spaces: first one was Woodz, the most long-playing  main stage and its whole infrastructure (bars, chill out zones, backstage, WC zone, etc). The second object was Depo, a 24 hours stage. We had 3 weeks for construction and creation.


Area: 800 square meters
The task: to create a comfortable oasis with closed infrastructure, using recycled materials and preserving maximum of  the scanty natural background of the venue.

Main Stage, capacity 1000 people

Swings and comfort zones

Different secret path and places, bridges, and the WC zone

Multi-level constructions and tree-houses — additional dance places 


OUTLINE | 2015

Spare indoor dance zone for the occasion of rain

Lineup: Hipushit / Noizar / Egyptian Lover / Poima / Ben UFO / Fumiya Tanaka / Giovanni Verrina / Dasha / Redkina / tINI / Rayo / Sonja Moonear / Ricardo Villalobos / Zip/ Ar:pia:r


Depo was a 24 hour and 360 degree stage and a dancefloor, located aside of the industrial constructions.
Area: 1000 square meters
Capacity: 2000 people

— To create a new idea of a dance floor — the concept of transformable stage with the possibility to turn the dj place depending on the sun.
— To create a dominant dance floor/stage with distinct architecture visible from any point of the venue.
— To develop the system of outdoor lighting for the adjoining territory.


OUTLINE | 2015

Seating space

OUTLINE | 2015
OUTLINE | 2015
Flower garden / barrier


OUTLINE | 2015

BarStreet Lights / clocks

DEPO lineup: Sputnik / New Composers / Marie Davidson / Felix Kubin / Xosar / Heatsick / Freska / Alex Danilov / Abelle / Lipelis / Richard Fearless / Route 8 / Pender Street Steppers / Kurmyshev / The Mole / Cobblestone Jazz / Ivan Smagghe