GAMMA | 2017

Gamma Festival, July 2017
Stepan Razin Brewery, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Gamma Festival is a joint project of m_division and PBR Art, who launched the platform ‘Artification’. The purpose was the integration of young artists’ works into the festival — light artists, media artists, architects. Artification works in 4 main directions: media, architecture, recycle and public art. Freak Fabrique were curating the recycle direction.

The task was creating 2 zones at the venue, both with a bar. The first zone was next to the historical facade of the building; second one — the square next to hangar.

Transformation of space is the ability to preserve and convey the mood of architecture, the emotional background that a building holds. We applied this approach to the site.

Swings, hammocks in drafts.

The second spot along the hangar was completely different and required filling the space.

GAMMA | 2017


GAMMA | 2017GAMMA | 2017

Gamma Festival in the making.