EPIZODE | 2019

Episode Festival (Phú Quốc, Vietnam)

Episode was the largest musical festival in Asia. The event lasting two weeks was held at the Siam Gulf Coast shortly before the Orthodox Christmas. Rave of local colors, sundials and a huge bamboo architectural ensemble — this time we set off to transform the Atrium, an existing architectural ensemble. A long corridor showed the guests into the apartments, where each room had its own style, aroma and vibe. As soon as the rehearsal of the New Year was finished, an eight part series — 8 episodes —of Island Tea House started (plus there was a Veg Cafe by Arma17). Numerous guests from various countries were impressed, fed and guarded for 11 days nonstop.

Tea House

Wind Wall

Leaves Mural

EPIZODE | 2019

Crocos Beach Bags

EPIZODE | 2019

EPIZODE | 2019EPIZODE | 2019